Lightning and Overvoltage Protection    

There has always been a threat from natural forces. With thunderstorms it was always lightning striking with immense effects and in the past the main fear was fire caused by the lightning striking buildings. Nowadays with more and more electrical equipment in households, and especially in offices, the defects of this highly sensitive equipment increases exponentially and the fear is for the equipment malfunctioning. This therefore means that the problem is changing. A direct lightning strike on a building does not need to occur, in order for there to be expensive damage. Often the reason for any electrical defects are caused by Transients or Bursts resulting from Power Switching or strikes into the Power Net far away. To avoid such problems it is necessary to use over voltage protection elements in addition to the outdoor lightning protection system. This is applicable to all equipment installed in secured areas. Therefore a well planned overall concept is required.

We support you to plan and realize such a system:

The necessary measures will be defined as a common workaround solution.


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last update: 13.03.2003