Related to QM, CM or service it is often necessary to use databases. We offer you pre-prepared databases for the handling of such issues which we will adapt to your needs on request. Also on request we develop Access Based Databases in accordance with your specifications.

Quality management: - Audit management
  - Error management
  FRACAS“ (Failure Reporting Analysys (and) Corrective Action System) of PTC (

Sale and support as well as customization of an efficient database to collect failure records, creation of failure reports, fault analysis and following the correctives measures of inclusive statistical evaluation.
This program can be linked (also see "") in a simple way with other reliability programs of PTC.
Relex Software

Configuration management: - Groups / System management
  - Documentation management
  - Trace of CM-Status
Service: - Service management
  - Error management and investigation / analysis
  - CM-Status of delivered products
Reliability Management:
Used Methods: S&R_EN


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